Chefs Narrow Knife

Entirely Swiss-made, the Grand Maître range was designed with the serious chef in mind. High grade alloy steel with a carbon content below 1%, a guaranteed rockwell rating between 55 and 58 achieved by rapid cooling thermal treatment, an highly polished corrosion-resistant finish and round sharpening rather than the traditional 'V' shape which keeps the blade sharper for longer, all combine to create some of the finest stamped knives on the market. Ergonomic non-slip polyamide handles are injection moulded into the handle using temperature-resistant Grilon which never deteriorates. Dishwasher safe. 7.5"

Kitchen knife green 7.5cm (Fruit & Salad)

£5.32 (excl VAT)

Dynamic HACCP Kitchen Knife Brown for vegetables - 16cm

£31.06 (excl VAT)

Kitchen Knife Green 11cm

£6.08 (excl VAT)