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Coronavirus Products

As Coronavirus is new as you would expect there are hardly any products that can claim they ‘kill’ Covid 19, however we have collated those products which we know are already tested to combat serious viruses such as Ebola, MRSA etc so you can make your choices based on their current efficacy.

Please note: it is vital you follow the instructions for use to the letter to ensure they are as effective as possible

Coronavirus Help & Advice

  1. It is vital you follow the contact time guidelines on each of these products to ensure its efficiency in combatting and killing virucidal and bacterial bodies.
  2. Hand washing and disinfection is the key to preventing infection. You should frequently wash your hands well for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face with unwashed hands. If it is not possible to wash your hands, or hands are visibly clean, WHO recommend using an alcohol hand gel containing at least 60% alcohol. All Andway’s gels, product codes ALCA50, ALCA500 and ALCA5L contain over the required 60% alcohol which meets this requirement and is formulated for frequent use.
  3. Practice good respiratory hygiene by catching coughs and sneezes in a tissue (or your elbow), bin tissues and wash your hands well afterwards.
  4. These types of viruses do not generally survive for very long outside the body, however there is some evidence to show that some coronaviruses can persist on surfaces for several hours or days depending on environmental conditions. As the COVID-19 virus is not available for commercial testing we recommend regular cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched objects and surfaces using one of our virucidal cleaners which has numerous test data against enveloped viruses or makes Norovirus claims.
  5. Pre-clean the surface first followed by a disinfection step with a 5-minute contact time.
  6. We advise the use of our virucidal cleaners for precleaning to minimise the risk that the cleaning cloths becoming a source of cross contamination. 

SELGIENE EXTREME Highcare Cleaner (750ml)

£4.25 (excl VAT)

SELGIENE ULTRA Virucidal Cleaner (5L)

SELGIENE ULTRA Virucidal Cleaner (5L)
£9.50 (excl VAT)

SELGIENE ULTRA Virucidal Cleaner (750ml)

£2.76 (excl VAT)

SELGIENE EXTREME Highcare Cleaner (5L)

£12.97 (excl VAT)

PROTECT Vinyl Powder Free Gloves - Large (10x100)

Vinyl Powder Free Gloves
£29.98 (excl VAT)

PROTECT Vinyl Powder Free Gloves - Medium (10x100)

Vinyl Powder Free Gloves
£29.95 (excl VAT)

PROTECT Vinyl Powder Free Gloves - Small (10x100)

Vinyl Powder Free Gloves
£29.95 (excl VAT)

PROTECT Vinyl Powder Free Gloves -X.Large (10x100)

Vinyl Powder Free Gloves
£31.50 (excl VAT)

Practical guidance for ordering COVID-19 related items

Please place your regular order, either by email, on the telephone or on the website so we are able to keep a steady, continuous supply and enable all to get what they need. We keep strict adherence to the government’s advice regarding COVID-19 and our delivery drivers aim to get your supplies to you safely with minimal contact. We offer drop-off or secure drop off options.

If you prefer to start ordering online please let us know immediately and we will set up your account details, your products and prices and a protected login. This client portal keeps all your orders and invoices so you have 24/7 access to your information.

Due to increased demand we will on occasion run out of certain items, however do bear with us as we are regularly restocking the most popular and critical product lines. For more information on COVID-19 please visit the government’s official advice and the steps on our Coronavirus disinfection advice page.