OCEAN Bed Pads

OCEAN Bed Pads

These bed pads have a stay dry capacity of either 2.5L or 3.2 litre . The ‘stay dry’ surfaces of these Bed Pads promotes healthy skin,the compact soaker layers providing fast and efficient absorbency. Having 100% absorbency creates an impermeable barrier which protects the bedding, as well as resisting stains and bleach. These Bed Pads can be washed over 300 times which eliminates the need for drawsheets and disposables.


  • Can be washed over 300 times
  • No need for drawsheets and disposables
  • 2.5L or 3.2 litre
  • Stay dry surface

OCEAN Bed pad 3.2L with flaps

£12.50 (excl VAT)

OCEAN Bed pad 2.5L with flaps

£8.38 (excl VAT)