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As part of our Moving and Handling service, Andway offer a truly comprehensive range of slings and patient lifting accessories for a wide variety of care environments.

Slings are an important component of any hoisting system as they are the point of contact and interface between the client and the hoist. Whether they are used with a mobile hoist, ceiling XY hoist or gantry system, a well-fitted and comfortable sling plays a large role in improving quality of life for the user. Our comprehensive range allows comfortable moving and handling in a variety of designs, materials and safe working loads.

We work in partnership with care professionals to supply fit-for-purpose products, designed to reduce friction and shear and ensure enhanced patient safety and comfort. 

All our slings have embroidered serial numbers to ensure they cannot be washed off and therefore condemned. 

We have a team of experienced assessors who can carry out a comprehensive sling assessment to determine the needs of the individual, including the selection of the type of sling, size and material best-suited to a client’s condition, and hoisting activity required.  Please contact the team on 01423 331000 for further assistance.