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Cutting Costs without Compromising Care


The cash crunch facing Britain’s care homes is starting to have an impact on the quality of care being provided to the elderly, making it ever-more challenging to provide high level of quality care.

Here at Andway we understand the vast amount of pressure that care homes are under and we are therefore constantly sourcing the most innovative products which we know will help keep costs low and maintain or even improve quality of care.



The Actichem cleaning products are a simple, no-nonsense range of cleaning products designed to minimise your stocking, streamline your range of more effective cleaning, make staff training simpler and save you £1000s per year in the process.

This range of cleaning products allows you to drastically cut the amount of different cleaning products needed. This streamlined feature covers the vast amount of chemical products you require making it a huge money saving product innovation.

Along-side this money saving benefit, this range of products boasts other advantages including a simple colour coding system which promotes correct application, this system is well established in most European countries and therefore makes the product easy to use for any non-English speakers.

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Providing residents with a clean living environment can be challenging and expensive, with the average full mattress decontamination costing around £55 this can soon add up. However with the UK's 1st washable mattress this cost can be almost eliminated.  The Saphair LYRA is a Full Replacement mattress system suitable for High to Very High Risk residents.  This extremely economical system enables you to fully decontaminate the mattress using your in house washing machines. This allows for easy cost effective cleaning and enables you to demonstrate a higher level of infection control to CQC and the familes of your residents.

The Saphair range also includes a selection of budget friendly mattress types including both overlay and replacement systems designed to suit a wide range of patient requirements.

Saphair Lyra

Andway Healthcare are at the forefront of innovation product sourcing, finding methods that will help you cut costs, to allow your already tight budgets stretch further without compromising levels of care.    


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Simplify staff training and make real savings with the revolutionary Actichem cleaning system...

Simplify your staff training on cleaning with Actichem

Andway Healthcare are proud to be the sole distributors of Actichem, a simple, no-nonsense range of cleaning products designed to minimise your stocking, streamline your range for more effective cleaning, make staff training as simple as possible and save you £1000's per annum.

Actichem Simplifies Staff Training:

  • Colour-coded labels and liquids, in line with common European systems
  • European cleaners will recognise each product’s area of use from its colour code, simplifying training.
  • Extensive use of EU-recognised pictogram's on labels - Overcomes any potential language barrier when training non-English speaking staff
  • Multi-lingual pictogram guides - available on request in most European languages as an additional training aid.

A 38 Bed Care Home could save at least 50% savings per month on Housekeeping chemicals.

Start making savings today get your Actichem Starter Kit by calling 01423 331000 now or click here to order online!!

''Hack away at the inessentials.'' Bruce Lee

Actichem is Live!! The Big Cleaning Revolution.

It's finally here, the moment we have been waiting for Actichem is officially launched and available to purchase online or via the telephone.

Get your 1 Month Starter Kit by CLICKING HERE

Or view the full range by CLICKING HERE

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make some massive savings on the monthly cleaning product costs, it could be as much as 50% per month!

These fantastic new products have been on trial in some homes for the past couple of months and the feedback so far is fantastic, the good news is now that the product range is live you can get in on the act as well, here’s the link for the starter kit again.  GET A STARTER KIT

Here's a few additional benefits of this range:

Training literature in multiple languages

Free onsite demonstrations

Chemicals have secured stringent BSEN1276 pass certificates

Used by some of the UK's best known corporations including Virgin Gyms, Jamie Oliver Restaurants and Marks & Spencer’s

Free support literature

And much more... call 01423 331000 to speak to one of our product specialists now.



NEW Product Launch - Coming This Week

A revolution is about to start, we are about to release the biggest change in care home cleaning this century.

We are bringing costs down yet again and its all happening on Wednesday 20th April 2016.

Stay tuned to this blog and www.andwayhealthcare.com to ensure you don't miss out.

The New National Living Wage

With the introduction of the national living wage many care homes have been hit hard.  We understand what this means to care home owners and how much effect it could really have.  At Andway we strive each day to help each one of our customers save as much money as possible, thats why we have been working hard to pull together a fantastic new range of cleaning products that could cut the annual cleaning budget for the average care home by a huge 50%.

Look out for the launch of this new product range coming in the next few days.  We will be contacting as many of our current clients in relation to this new product range shortly but if you want to jump the queue all you have to do is call us on 01423 331000 or email help@andwayhealthcare.org.uk.

Don't miss out!!