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Andway champions local hospice

Andway Healthcare staff rallied round to donate medical equipment and supplies to local hospice Saint Michael's Hospice recently.

The donation included a wheelchair, commode, adult incontinence products and dry wipes to support the hospices amazing work.

Andway Healthcare provide specialist equipment including low profile beds, air flow mattresses, everyday care consumables and furniture for the care and nursing home sector.

The firm support several charity events including Rapid Relief Teams and the Memory Walk fundraiser for Alzheimer’s UK.

Andway Healthcare - Managing Director, Jayne Graves said: Our business is care and we felt passionately that we must do something to support the great work of Saint Michael’s Hospice. We work with care providers every day and see the big difference little things can make to resident comfort, care and dignity so this is the least we can do.”

Andway Healthcare rub shoulders with care professionals

Jay and Rob are at the Care England Forum 2018 on Monday 23rd - Tuesday 24th July at Forest of Arden, a Marriott Hotel and Country Club, meeting care home professionals from across the UK. Pop over and see us at the event. https://bit.ly/2IOKjX2 #Networking #Care #Solutions #nursinghomes


Care Forum 2018 Logo


Rob Withers

All part of the Andway customer service

The Andway staff love getting out to see our customers, and it's all part of the Andway service. Sales Manager Jay Ledgeway visited Keelie, Marie and Alex at a Liverpool nursing home for a cup of tea and chat.

Despite dreadful traffic on the way over to Liverpool, Jay managed to get over eventually, sadly, he didn't have time to join them for their 4th July residents garden party. 


Care England Forum 2018

Representatives from Andway Healthcare Ltd are attending the Care England Forum 18 on 23/24 July, will you be there?

We have free slots so if you want to meet and find out what we can do for your company do give us a call on 01423 331000..

Welcome to Andway Rob Withers

We are delighted to announce Rob Withers has joined the rapidly expanding sales team at Andway Healthcare.

Rob joins us in Field Sales and is already busy out and about meeting clients old and new. Rob is managing a portfolio of existing care homes and care home groups, ensuring they are have all the products, service and support they need and will be introducing Andway’s world class products and service delivery to new care homes throughout the UK.

As a keep-fit fanatic Rob will using all his energy and enthusiasm to spread the Andway mantra!

This is Rob, if you see him out and about don't forget to say hi...  You can connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-withers-0a8039a2/ 

Rob Withers

Thank You and Goodbye Joel

This week sees our account manager Joel Ellis leave Andway, moving onto a whole new industry and a whole new challenge.  

Joel has been with us 5 years and many of you will have thoroughly enjoyed being looked after by Joel both face to face and on the telephone and he will be missed.

Over the last month Joel has been on tour with our Sales Manager Jay by way of ‘handover’ and I know many of you have already wished him a fond farewell.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a massive thanks to our departing Client Account Manager Joel Ellis and our best wishes for the future.

If you have previously been looked after by Joel Ellis your new Account Manager will be Jay Ledgeway and your internal contact will be Lydia McEwen.  You may also hear from our new team member Holly Deane who is on hand to help with new enquiries.

You can meet our team by clicking here www.andwayhealthcare.com/meettheteam or call 01423 331000 to book a meeting with you representative.

If you would like to wish Joel all the best here a link to his LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellisjoel/ 

Andway @ The Healthcare Forum 2018
March 5th and 6th sees the 2018 Healthcare Forum taking place in Warwickshire, a coming together of suppliers, care home owners and healthcare professionals, a specialist forum focussing on the purchasing requirements of national care providers and healthcare groups.
Happy New Year.. Introducing our New MD

Happy New Year from Andway …and introducing our new MD

Unlike many industries, you may not be just returning to work after a nice festive break as the care industry never rests but we would like to sincerely wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018.

One of our team in particular has been very busy in the run up to Christmas and we are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Managing Director Jayne Reid:

“Some of you may have already met me as I have been working in the field meeting our clients, visiting your homes and I attended the Care Forum in December with our Sales Manager Jay Ledgeway. This ‘undercover’ work has been an invaluable part of my planning and to give me a great insight into your challenges and what you need from Andway”.

Jayne Image

Our mission in 2018 is to ‘Provide world class, effective and cost efficient solutions to the care home industry to help you improve care standards and profitability’.

Having worked in the field for the last 2 months I now know, first hand, how to bring this statement to life: I can see what an amazing job you are already doing and how we can play a truly vital part in making your daily lives hassle free – saving you time and money by being your trusted partner and simply doing what we say we will do.

So here’s what some of you told me you need:

  •          On-time delivery
  •          Quality but competitive products 
  •          2-way communication
  •          You are open to new ideas and products
  •          Reliability
  •          Friendliness

You scored us really highly in most of these areas, but I can now see where we need to work even harder and over the coming months the Andway team will be working to keep you in the loop on all our service and product improvements. However, in the meantime I would love to hear from you about how Andway can improve our service to you right here and now!

I have a brilliant team and I will be introducing them all to you throughout 2018.

I look forward to working together…

Any questions or requests 

Christmas & New Year Closing Schedule

The offices and warehouse at Andway Healthcare will be closing for a short period over Christmas and New Year, please find below our scheduled closure dates and important information relating to orders and delivery times:


closure timetable

We will continue to be available during our normal office hours of 7am to 5pm until the 22 December when we will be closing at midday.  You can get in touch with us on 01423 331000 or via email to sales@andwayhealthcare.org.uk...

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom over the past 12 months and look forward to continuing to be of service throughout 2018.

Many thanks,

Luke Ledgeway

Customer Service


Is China's Pollution Crisis In Hand?

Vinyl Glove Shortage due to China’s Pollution Crisis

In the back end of 2016 the Chinese government took steps to tackle their pollution levels that have reached an all-time high. China has relied heavily on coal to assist it in becoming the second largest economy in the world and is now starting to pay the price. As a high producer of low cost goods, production levels have seen a major increase over the years, with little regard given to the effects on the environment. Using coal to make electricity has added to the build-up of smog in the Country and drastically led to increased pollution levels.

Why is there a shortage?

In Northern China, a major production area of vinyl, the Chinese government enforced a 45-day production ban on vinyl glove factories as well as other manufacturers that were producing high levels of pollution.  This led to a backlog in the supply of vinyl gloves globally.

All businesses that sell and use vinyl gloves have been affected in some way, even those that were savvy and foresaw the crisis and ordered more stock in advance have seen major price hikes and availability not meeting demand. The cost of vinyl has increased up to 55%, Andway Healthcare have managed to absorb some of this cost but like most distributors have had to pass some of this on to our Customers.

Is the Crisis Over?

Inspections in Beijing have shown that an excessive number of Factories are still violating air pollution regulations, up to 70%, according to the National Media in China. More emissions are being churned out than allowed, factories don’t have the correct license or didn’t follow the correct air pollution procedures. This has meant the government has had to set up a team of environmental police tasked with reducing pollution levels and the consumption of coal by 30% by the end of this year (2017).

Some factories are still being audited and are showing they are still not meeting pollution levels. This will inevitably mean that some factories will remain closed, some older factories sadly may not open their doors again.  Shipping volumes in Northern China have therefore declined.

Long term options include moving production to other countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia or India who’ll have to go some way to establish such a streamlined network to match China.

How can you get your gloves…?

So, whilst the crisis may be ongoing and somewhat out of our hands, we are taking steps to make sure we are taking all the steps we can to ensure that our customers still have access to stock.

Andway will continue to ensure we get you the best price possible on Vinyl gloves, we also have a wide range of alternatives some of which are latex free and excellent for those that have allergies, call one of our Sales Team on 01423 331000 or get in touch -  to discuss your options.