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COSHH Downloads and Media

COSHH Downloads

A list of COSHH Datasheets for you to download:

 030.505 Suma Bac D1

042140 Stainless Cleaner

059412 Floorline

060285 Dymabac Soap

060504 Dyma Bac Soap

061.005 Kleeenex Everyday Hand Cleanser Cartridge

061.007 Kleenex Antiseptic Hand Cleanser Cartridge

061.017 H4 Softcare BAC Soap Cartridges

061018 Soft care Med Cartridge H5

061041 Mevon Anti bacterial Soap cartridge

061-01S Soft Care Soap Cartridge H1

061076e Flora Anti bacterial

061.076E Flora Free Sanitiser Dispenser

061.151 Lotus Spray Soap

061.152 Dermotological Spray Soap

061.263 GoJo Deluxe Pink Lotion Soap

06220 Gojo Purell Advanced

11016 T.D.10 Toilet Cleaner

167016 Drop in Vac - Lilly of the Valley

167025 Shake N Vac Lilly of the Valley

206 Alcohol Free Wipes

782 Catering First Aid Kit

783 Catering First Aid Kit

786 Catering First Aid Kit

787 Catering First Aid Kiit

A2002AC Airsenz Alive Apple

A2002AP Airsenz Alive Apple & Mango

A2002MA Airsenz Mandarin

A2002MG Mango

ALCA50/ALCA500/ALCA5L Altlantol Alcohol handgel

Acticlean General Interior Cleaner

Acticleanse Kitchen Sanitiser

Actifloor Floor Cleaner

Actifresh Washroom Cleaner

Actigrease Degreasing Cleaner

Actiscale Washroom Cleaner

ELD/5 Aerial Laundry Detergent

AST1 ATAC Safe Toilet Cleaner

ASTKNC/750 Astonish Kitchen Cleaner

BHNG01Hazard Body Fluid Kit

BHNG448 Hazard Body Fluid Kit

BL5 Premium Contract Bleach

BLL5/10/20 Atlantis Bio Laundry Liquid

BSH125 Burn Relief Gel

BHS/5 Bactericidal Lotion Soap

BHS/250  Bactericidal Lotion Soap

BS100 Imperial Leather Bath Soap

BW/6 Fresh Start Mint & Cucumber

CO66 Selgiene Ultra

CCAF/T Classic Cranberry Air Freshner 750ml

CCAF/S Classic Cranberry Air Freshner 5L

CC108 CIF 2 in 1 Disinfectant

CC495 Elsyl Shampoo

CHBL Urinal Lemon Channel Blocks

CIT-T/ CIT/1  CIT/5 Citrifresh Air & Fabric Freshener

CUF39P Cutan Foaming Soap Cartridge

CUM39Y Cutan Moisturising Cream


DEEPDW5L Deepio Hand Dishwashing Liquid

DO400 Dettol Original

DO500 Dettol Original

DO750 Dettol Original

DOMES5L Domestos 5 Litre

DW2-5 Classeq Dishwasher Detergent

DWRA2-5 Classeq Dishwasher RinseAid

FSHE10 First Aid Kit Contents 10

FSHE20 First Aid Kit Contents 20

FWK Sanmex Fly Killer

GGC/5 Glass Cleaner

GH498 Suma Inox Stainless Steel Polish-

GJ18150-12 GOHO Hand Medic Professional Skin Conditioner

GJ5189-03 GOJO Anti Bacterial Foaming Soap

GPD/5 Pine Disinfectant

JBL300 Johnsons Baby Lotion

JF005 Jeyes Disinfectant



MLRA 5/10/20 Machine Liquid Rinse Aid

MSF500 Milton Fluid

MST6 Milton Tablets

PAG Purell Advance Hygienic Hand Rub

PLEDGE001 Pledge Furniture Polish

RSC901 Oasis Bed Bath Cleansing Wipes

R321 SDS Skin Cleansing Foam

R323 Clinitex Emolient Skin Cleanser

RFS 10 First Aid Kit Contents Refill

RFS 20 First Aid Kit Contents Refill

RFS 50 First Aid Kit Contents Refill

SDS CX 1485 Clinitex Hand Sanitizing

SEC500 Clinisan Wash Cream

SF Shaving Foam

SUDO01 Sudocrem

TB5 Thickened Bleach

TO12 Spot and Stain Remover

TO32 Bio Fresh

TP12 Macleans Toothpaste

TTC1 Tornado Toilet Cleaner 1 Litre

TTC5 Tornado Toilet Cleaner 5 Litre

V660/250 VMIX Shower & Glass Cleaner

Z/200 Zoflora Disinfectant

ZZ00000002 Florazol Disinfectant