MoliCare Range

Incontinence products should make you feel secure, offering maximum protection whilst remaining discreet. The MoliCare range of products for incontinence is not only exceptionally comfortable and super absorbent, but all products are simple to put on and remove to allow for a smooth, stress-free changing routine.

Our products for incontinence are available in an array of sizes and shapes so that you can find the best fit for your unique body. If you experience slight urine leakages throughout the day, a shaped pad with snug fitting fixation pants might work best for you. If you have heavier leaks, pull up pants or all-in-one slips are a more convenient option. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that the MoliCare name means excellent quality without exception. All our incontinence products are designed to offer complete protection whilst remaining as discreet as possible.

Our easy-to-follow droplet system helps you to quickly identify the right incontinent products for your needs as it covers all levels of incontinence, from mild to severe. The absorbent nature of our pads and pants is supported by breathable materials and fabrics that help to maintain the natural pH balance of the skin. This is especially important for those who have incontinence-affected contact dermatitis and other associated skin conditions.

Molicare Pull Ups Maxi XL - 4x14 Case

MoliCare Pull Ups Mxi XL

Molicare Pull Ups Extra XL 4x14 case

MoliCare Pull Ups Extra XL

MoliCare Pull Ups Maxi Medium 3x14 Case

MoliCare Pull Ups Maxi Medium

MoliCare Pull Ups Maxi Small 4x14 Case

MoliCare Pull Ups Maxi Small

MoliCare Pull Ups Large 4x14 Case

MoliCare Pull Ups Large

MoliCare Pull ups Reg Medium 3x14 Case

MoliCare Pull ups Medium

MoliCare Super Shaped Pads 8D 4x32 Case

MoliCare Super Shaped Pads

MoliCare Extra Shaped Pads 6D 4x32 Case

MoliCare Extra Shaped Pads