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Jan 19 Employee of the Month...

...goes to Shaun Rice.

By unanimous vote our January Employee of the Month winner is our Warehouse & Logistics Supervisor Shaun RIce, seen here with his winners trophy and he also gets to choose a cash or time off prize too!

Comments on Shaun’s voting cards included ‘no one works longer or harder’, ‘always goes the extra mile’, ‘fantastic stock take management’.

Well done Shaun, who as an avid Leeds United supporter will be either using his day off to go to a game or maybe treat himself to the new strip?

NEW PRODUCT - Non-Contact Infra-Red Thermometer

Fantastic New Product - Suitable for use in Care Homes, Hospitals, Hospice's and many other care environments.

Simply, hold within 3 - 5cms of the forehead, press the start button and the temperature reading will be displayed in less than 2 seconds.

The Thermofinder non-contact thermometer uses infra-red therefore is non-invasive and does not require spare probe covers after every use, unlike the conventional tympanic ear thermometers

The Thermofinder thermometer offers two functions

- (1) body temperature, simply point towards patients temporal artery (within 2-5cms) and press the start button to take a reading, and - - (2) ambient/surface temperature, which allows the reading of air temperature and surface temperature (bath water, baby’s feeding bottles).

Supplied with 2 x AAA batteries...

-Auto On/Off Function
-Temperature Unit Conversion
-32 Memories
-Sound on/off
-Multi-Colour Black Light
-Non-Invasive, Perfect for Dementia Care


Brexit - Deal or No Deal - Implications for the Care Industry

Deal or No Deal - Brexit Implications for the Care Industry

Spending so much time in your care homes and with care home owners and managers, we can see and feel the rising tide of concern over the potential implications of Brexit – whichever version we end up with!

Although the EU has limited legal jurisdiction over how health and care services are organised and provided in member states, the UK’s vote to leave the EU will have major implications for health and social care in England.

Whether a No Deal option sees us crashing out of the European single market and the customs union, or Theresa May’s ‘compromise’ deal being accepted somehow in Parliament, either way current arrangements that play a vital role in the facilitating the delivery of healthcare via access to workforce and goods and services, is going to significantly change.    

Second because EU directives affect many areas of UK law that impact on the delivery of health and care services. Third, because the vote has ushered in a period of significant economic and political uncertainty at a time when the NHS and social care are already facing huge financial and operational pressures.

Two years of Brexit negotiations and all its ensuing media coverage have already had an impact, especially on the recruitment and retention of EU nationals in some parts of the workforce, which is contributing to shortages of key staff. 

The policy of freedom of movement and mutual recognition of professional qualifications within the EU means that many health and social care professionals currently working in the UK have come from other EU countries. This includes nearly 62,000 (5.6 per cent) of the English NHS’s 1.2 million workforce and an estimated 95,000 (around 7 per cent) of the 1.3 million workers in England’s adult social care sector (NHS Digital 2017; Skills for Care 2017). The proportion of EU workers in both the NHS and the social care sector has been growing over time, suggesting that both sectors have become increasingly reliant on EU migrants.

The care industry therefore welcomes the recent announcement that EU citizens currently living in the UK will be able to remain. We hope it will persuade as many of them as possible to stay and continue to make a valuable contribution to the health and care workforce.

Employers are being advised to make initial steps in refreshing all contracts, particularly right to work eligibility, with a longer term view to contract renewals at the point we leave the EU.

EU nationals will need to understand the impact of Brexit on their immigration status, and employers who rely on EU nationals will need to review and protect the stability of their business.

Employers are being advised to consider supporting and encouraging early applications for permanent residence from those employees who qualify

The UK’s membership of the European single market, customs union and Euratom has provided significant benefits. Securing equivalent access to new drugs and treatments must be a priority in the next phase of negotiations. 

The government has set an ambition for the UK to be a world leader in life sciences and medical research. To fulfil this ambition, it will be essential for the government to make good any loss in EU funding for research and development and that the UK continues to benefit from the collaboration of researchers and scientists across the EU. 

Perhaps most importantly, if independent forecasts are correct and more recently the Bank of England forecast that Brexit will have a significant long term negative impact on the economy, this will of course reduce the funding and resources for health and social care.

For ourselves, we are seeing a large number of price increases coming through already, an uncertainty in the global currencies resulting in a weaker buying position for us in some instances and overseas suppliers already looking for ‘UK’ contracts as opposed to EU based law. There is no doubt we have an unsteady ship to steer.

Authored BY MD Jayne Graves

Congratulations on completing your Skydive

Big Congratulations from everyone at Andway for Gillian Starkey of Gilwood Lodge on completion of her Skydive in support of the Alzheimers Society!!

Like Andway, you can support Gillians quest to raise money for the Alzheimers Society by clicking here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gill-starkey 


Christmas Opening Schedule - 2019

As Christmas is fast approaching with just a few weeks to go, we are looking at ways we can minimise the disruption to our clients during our Christmas shut down period.

In previous years we have asked our customers to place double or triple orders in the weeks preceding Christmas to ensure the home has sufficient stock to cover the closure period.  We have found over the recent years this can cause a number of issues for our clients.

We are hoping to help alleviate any difficulties faced by clients over the closure period and avoid any potential upsets by asking all our customers to begin ordering some extra items on each order over the coming weeks.   

We realise it can be hard to predict what will be required, and are more than happy to assist by checking previous usage patterns and advising how much we think you will need to order.

If you would prefer to use this method please contact our customer service team on 01423 331000 or email sales@andwayhealthcare.org.uk, we will be more than happy to assist.

I have also included below a schedule of deliveries for the Christmas period to assist with any preparations you need to make.


Welcome Natalie Farrell

We are delighted to welcome Natalie Farrell to the Andway Team as our new Purchasing Manager.

Natalie brings with her a wealth of experience of all aspects of purchasing and supply chain management and has vast experience in both healthcare and fast moving, customer centric environments.

Natalie will be focusing on getting you the very best prices and sourcing new, innovative products ideal for your care environment.

In her spare time Natalie is a songstress, leading the soprano section of her very successful choir and walking the Yorkshire hills with her Weimaraner.

You can connect with her via Linkedin by clicking here 

Alzheimer's Society Memory Walk

Some members of the Andway team completed the Memory Walk for the Alzheimers Society on Saturday 1 September..

Grace, Lydia and Jayne strode out in the fabulous sunshine at Knavesmire York Race Course Saturday 1st September to help raise funds for the Alzheimers Society.

Working in the care industry we see the vital support offered by the Alzheimers Society and wanted to get our walking boots on and show our support and have raised over £350 so far..

You can contribute by clicking here... https://secure.alzheimers.org.uk/memory-walk/EVMW18FYRK 


Supporting Dementia Sufferers and Training their Carers

When we are out and about visiting your homes we hear and see lots of great ideas and in particular see some of the most caring and innovative solutions for those suffering with dementia.

On a recent visit a member of the Andway team was chatting with a care home manager who was waxing lyrical about a facility called House of Memories www.houseofmemories.co.uk/ based in Liverpool.

Just a quick look at the courses they have on offer on all aspects of understanding dementia and how this can only improve care make it their site a must visit

This prompted us to actively ask other care homes for courses they had found truly helpful and inspirational and we thought it would be a great idea to list these too.






Single Handed Care Equipment trial benefits local care home

Andway are delighted to support a 60-bed care home with a trial of Single Handed Care following positive feedback from the care group head office.

Single Handed Care

The trial includes the TA180 Transfer Support Aid which will support residents to stand unassisted in a variety of transfer positions.

Single Handed Care

The benefits of single handed care include a greater level of resident dignity and independence while reducing staffing costs, enabling a single carer to maintain the same care levels that previously required two carers.

Discover our innovative range of Single Handed Equipment Here. Single Handed Care Leaflet

Other products include the Freeway Raiser, Freeway Ladder Strap and Safety BeltFreeway Recovery Sling and SA160C Compact Stand Aid.

Single Handed Care

Care home benefitted from a thorough training session from Andway staff who demonstrated the advantages of single handed care for the staff and residents.

Did you know around 40% of residents receiving care from two or more carers could be suitable for single handed care practices?

Andway Account Manager – Rob Withers said: “We are delighted to support the care home in trialing new equipment which brings many advantages for the carers and residents.

Andway champions local hospice

Andway Healthcare staff rallied round to donate medical equipment and supplies to local hospice Saint Michael's Hospice recently.

The donation included a wheelchair, commode, adult incontinence products and dry wipes to support the hospices amazing work.

Andway Healthcare provide specialist equipment including low profile beds, air flow mattresses, everyday care consumables and furniture for the care and nursing home sector.

The firm support several charity events including Rapid Relief Teams and the Memory Walk fundraiser for Alzheimer’s UK.

Andway Healthcare - Managing Director, Jayne Graves said: Our business is care and we felt passionately that we must do something to support the great work of Saint Michael’s Hospice. We work with care providers every day and see the big difference little things can make to resident comfort, care and dignity so this is the least we can do.”