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Wipe Selection Guide

Cleaning removes dirt, debris, and some germs while sanitising and disinfecting specifically address germs. Sanitising lowers the number of germs to safe levels but doesn’t necessarily kill them, while disinfecting calls upon chemicals to kill the majority of germs present.

Cleaning and sanitising are two things you already know are vital to keeping your home clean and free of dirt, allergens, and day-to-day germs. Disinfecting, on the other hand, is vital in the combat against viruses such as COVID-19.

It is important to ensure you select the correct wipe for your cleaning goal...  Our new guide can be downloaded by clicking here and is designed to make it easy for you..

Glove Buyers Guide

Gloves are an essential part of equipment and they are used in various workplace situations.

It can sometimes be unclear which glove is best to use and the different options available.

There are also several things to consider before choosing your best glove type.  We have therefore produced this guide to help make things that little bit clearer.

You can download it by clicking here


Correct Face Mask Selection

Andway Guide to mask selection and use.

Andway Healthcare have put this simple guide together as we are being asked daily for guidance on which mask should be used.

In this guide we cover type 1, type 2 and type 2R sterile 3ply disposable masks, civilian disposable masks and FFP2 maximum filtration masks.

Freel free to download from this link Click Here

Is ‘sanitised’ the new norm?

As a supplier to the care home sector our world is very much focused on helping our clients through the ever-changing landscape of PPE usage, new sanitisation requirements and coping with Covid-19 outbreaks amongst care users and their staff. 

As we practice social distancing and implement measures to support our customers new ways of working, this is fast becoming normal and has got us wondering – can we ever imagine not being fearful of an airborne and touch-spread virus?

Our industry is always focused on hygiene and our products follow all regulations however this pandemic has opened up the question of cleanliness and has more people considering safe practice, and what that would involve. On a human note, how will we ever feel like our environment is clean again? Will we think twice before touching a door handle, toilet handle, armrest, window, push plate, coffee cup, packaged sandwich or trolley again without wanting to sanitise before or after? Will we forever be singing happy birthday twice whilst washing our hands?.

From a health and safety viewpoint how robustly will companies and organisations have to reassure their returning and new staff that their work environment is safe and sanitised? The usual cleaning and hygiene routines, as thorough as we felt they were pre COVID-19, may simply do not cut it in our new virus-focused landscape.

Our clients’ businesses rely on their customers trust and as families consider which care home to choose for their relative going forward, what will they be expecting? Will they want to see proof of sanitisation procedures as readily as they assess care standard ratings? Will the new mindset of people have an influence over where they feel it is safe to place their loved ones? 

On a wider scale out-side of care homes, will new norms of infection control become part of all places of work? Will previously unheard of general-use products such as air sterilisation cannisters (fogging) become common place to reassure rail/bus/tube/air travellers that carriages are safe to use? Will the same air sterilisation plug-in versions be used in every open plan space to de-risk office working and public use spaces? Will all employers have to not only issue personal space and communal space sanitisation products as standard, but will infection-fear have to be taken into psychological risk assessments and home working be a reasonable request hence forward?.

The global pandemic has created many questions, not just for the care home industry but for everyone and our team are thinking about what the future may hold so we can be prepared for it, so we can be well placed to help our clients receive the excellent levels of service they are used to receiving from us. Our clients remain our priority and as we all adapt to the new normal, we encourage your thoughts and feedback as to how you anticipate the post Covid-19 world to be.

For now Andway live in a world of government and CQC guideline adherence and talk of relaxing lockdown is irrelevant to those working on the front line, but at some point employers and employees, users and providers will all need real discussion and agreement on what our new ‘safe’ may look like. 

Healthcare provider adapts procedures to responds to care home requests

As a market leading supplier of care home solutions, Andway Healthcare has a commitment to its clients and has responded to recent requests promptly.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic many care homes are experiencing shortages of products or requiring new lines not previously ordered. Andway Healthcare, a family business, based in Yorkshire but supplying nationally, quickly recognised the challenges and supported their clients to source quality products at fair prices.

As demand increased for PPE products across various industries, supply chains became saturated. The team at Andway Healthcare created a plan to ensure their clients received the best possible service.

Prioritising existing care home clients over new enquiries, Andway Healthcare has adapted its operation to ensure a fair system. By utilising its established supply chains, and implementing quantity restrictions, clients have remained able to order products required for their operations. 

Andrew Ledgeway, Chairman said: “At Andway Healthcare, our first priority is to protect our care home clients. Despite receiving enquiries from various sectors, we took the decision to create a system that worked for our clients first. It is essential products are sourced from reputable suppliers and are fit for purpose, and we have been working closely to supply our clients. Our commitment to clients has been core to our values since we established the business over 18 years ago and they know they can trust us to deliver; allowing them to continue the amazing work they are doing in caring for our elderly.”

Andway Healthcare has a history of excellent service and prides itself on going the extra mile to support its clients with a comprehensive range of nursing and hygiene consumables and equipment.

Kathy Clayton from Waterside Lodge Care Home said: “Andway Healthcare has done a fantastic job in procuring PPE for our business. The communication has been extremely helpful with regular updates to keep us informed as to when we can expect to receive our orders. Their outstanding effort during this challenging time has supported us in our operation.”

The business is operational during the pandemic and providing products and services throughout the UK. Engineers are still on emergency call out for any urgent equipment repairs within care homes whilst the purchasing team are sourcing reliable products allowing the logistics team to deliver much needed items throughout the UK. The sales and customer service teams are offering help and advice on product choices and the finance team are working with clients to spread any increased expenditure costs. 

Luke Jarrett, procurement and compliance manager at Valorum Care Group added: “The team at Andway Healthcare have been amazing in their response to our current needs. In addition to the products we usually purchase, Andway Healthcare have sourced and supplied items we have historically ordered from another supplier; who has unfortunately closed their business during the crisis. Jay and the team have provided us with next day delivery on essential items and where they haven’t stocked a particular product, have actively sourced these from their network.”

Quick implementation of the new processes has meant minimal disruption to operations and the team at Andway Healthcare and their clients have responded well in the circumstances.

Happy 30th for Grace...


Our customer service manager celebrates her big 30 this week and we did not want it to go unnoticed despite lockdown!!

Lydia baked her a towering 3 tier chocolate orange cake washed down with a little bucks fizz, perfect!

March Employee of the Month...

There was no way we could select a single member of our team for Employee of the Month in March as we are so proud of how everyone has adapted to new working environments, practices and challenges presented by COVID-19.

So we decided to make everyone a winner..  Here are some snapshots of our ‘stay at home’ workers and our ‘cannot stay at home workers'.

Thank you to a very special team indeed!

Hamper Winner Announcement...

... Congratulations to the winner of our Google Review Hamper Competition who won a Betty's Easter Hamper.. Many Thanks for the review.


Andway Coronavirus Company Statement

Coronavirus Policy

Andway Healthcare are committed to protecting our staff, clients and community and are working closely with all
parties to minimise infection risks to provide help and advice on suitable products and practices.

At the time of writing, we have no concerns about an outbreak occurring at our offices, and we have had no confirmed
or suspected cases amongst any of our team. However, it is important that we are fully prepared in case the situation
in the UK worsens. As well as reinforcing good hygiene practices throughout the company, we have taken the
following measures: -

 We are working with our team to ensure business continuity should anyone need to self-isolate or becomes
 Telephone, email order and advice services will remain open as usual throughout any isolation period.
 We have asked all our field-based staff to immediately report any flu-like symptoms, and where appropriate
we will send them home.
 There will be no business-related travel to hot-spot areas, and any staff returning from holidays will be
assessed before returning to work.

We are actively working with any suppliers based in hot-spot areas to ensure continuity of supply, which has so far
proved effective. We are also assured by the authorities that there is no health risk from imported goods originating in
hot spot areas due to the nature of transmission of the virus.

Andway Hygiene Policy

As an organisation we are committed to doing our utmost to help prevent the risk of infection and to reduce the spread
of infection as much as we can. We are following and will continue to follow the WHO and PHE guidelines.

 Andway staff hand sanitiser use: Andway Delivery Drivers, Service Engineers and Sales Representatives are
now provided with hand sanitiser for use between each client contact.

 We strongly advise our external based teams minimise contact with residents and your staff. We
recommend you allocate a single member of staff to accept and sign for the deliveries to minimise risks.

 Drop-off delivery only option: if you would prefer your goods to be left outside your premises to further
reduce the risk of infection please advise us at point of order.

 Sales visit option: please advise if you would prefer to meet virtually using Microsoft teams, skype or zoom.
Case notification

We undertake to advise you if any members of the Andway Team have encountered or have the virus or are selfisolating.
In return we ask you notify us immediately if you have any confirmed or reported cases of COVID-19 in your care home
or organisation.

Courier update

We are working closely with our couriers and other transport companies and will advise accordingly should they make
any procedural changes.

Thank You,
The Andway Healthcare Team

February Employee of the Month...

... is Lydia McEwen.

For a record breaking third time Lydia wins February employee of the month.  Many of the votes cast picked out her long working hours covering while Grace was on honeymoon training new teammate Victoria.  All the while in good spirits and looking after the needs of our clients.

Lydia is choosing a well deserved day off for her prize...