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About Us

Andway Healthcare Ltd is a family owned and run company providing a wide range of supplies for care homes throughout the UK. For over 15 years we have been committed to a core philosophy of total customer care.

This approach has led to the development of the Andway Healthcare brand into a market leading provider of care home solutions. The loyalty of our customer base is an emphatic endorsement not only of the level of service we provide but also to the depth and quality of our range.

Our key strength is our commitment to providing the highest level of customer care and to this end we have built a series of core values into the fabric of our organisation:


✔ Simple Solutions – We believe ‘Service Excellence’’ comes from simple on time solutions

✔ Zero Hassle – Time is money and we understand the importance of maximising the use of time

✔ Challenging the Status Quo – We believe there is always a higher level and we strive to find it with everything we do.

✔ Relationships – We work hard to build long term mutually beneficial business relationships.

Our Staff:

At Andway we guarantee superior service with our dedicated, experienced and trained teams, constantly striving to improve care environments across the UK, our staff members have been the cornerstone of our success to date and we continually encourage each one to seize opportunities for personal and professional development. We strongly believe that this policy is reflected in the standards we uphold as an organisation and the personal service level we provide.


Quality Management:

Andway Healthcare are fully committed to the provision and management of quality throughout all their processes and systems. We decided to go through the process of undertaking ISO accreditation to prove our commitment and ongoing investment to our customers and staff.


ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised benchmark of quality within an organisation and something we are    proud to possess. By achieving the ISO 9001 certification we have demonstrated we can successfully deliver    quality products and services to meet our customers’ needs on an ongoing basis. We continually confirm our  standards are efficient and measurable against the ISO framework and by meeting the standards we ensure  that everything we do can be documented and streamlined.

We have proficient operating and management processes that are well documented, this provides us with a dedicated operating model and assurance to everyone that deals with us. To remain ISO 9001 accredited we will undertake an annual audit held by a third-party. We look forward to this as an opportunity to keep our systems and standards consistent for continuous improvement.

Click here to view a copy of our ISO 9001 certificate.


How We Improve:

At Andway Healthcare we draw upon the support and advice of internationally renowned business leaders and coaches as well as feedback from our valued customers and experts within the healthcare industry, this enables us to continually adjust, adapt and improve our products and services.

Andway Healthcare Ltd

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