Introducing the Ceiling Track Hoist System

Introducing the FREEWAY Transactive Xtra Ceiling hoist

Andway Health care are pleased to introduce Freeway’s transactive Xtra ceiling track hoist. This world class design and state of the art feature provides safe, reliable, effective patient movement and handling whilst still providing residents with respect and dignity.  

See this really useful video developed by Prism Medical UK which displays a general overview of the ceiling track hoist.

Why use ceiling track hoists

A ceiling track hoist is quicker and easier to use than a regular mobile hoist.

  • Being able to easily grab and attach with minimal effort, caregivers are more likely to use the hoist opposed to mobile hoist.
  • It eliminates the risk of back injury for caregivers when performing a transfer and requires minimum effort to operate.
  • It takes up no floor space
  • Provides the residents with dignity and respect,

The Hoist

As shown in the video above you can clearly see the host is a low profile, slim line hoist which is clearly unobtrusive (taking up no floor space) yet it provides a much greater lifting height than any alternative option.

The Electronically powered hoist is controlled through an ergonomic handset making it effortless to transfer the resident to the required position, in the contrast to a mobile hoist where a large amount physical force is required from the carer.

The Tracking system

The tracking system can be tailored to the needs and features of both the room and the resident.

The simplest type of tracking system available is the single track system: this a straight line tracking system which transfers the patient from one defined pick up point to another.

Multi-room tracking system also available: this system includes turntable tables and 90° bends, allowing the track to be installed into various rooms.

A state of the art X-Y system is also available and  provides whole room coverage allowing total flexibility. 

All of these tracking systems can be visually explained via the videos below produced by Prism Medical. 




Unique display & diagnostics

The hoist has a small display monitor which can highlight useful information including:

  • A battery level indicator therefore you a fully aware when the hoist needs to be placed on charge.
  • Diagnostic feature for transactive engineer to aid maintenance and repair- this makes the process much easier, as if the hoist was to break the engineer understands what aspect is causing the fault.
  • The hoist is fitted with a manual wind up and wind down feature- this is a unique feature to freeway as it allows the hoists to continue to be used until the engineer arrives. This provides peace of mind and security to the carer and user.
  • Total number of hoists completed
  • Displays operation being carried out (up/down)

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